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    art and storytelliong
         with soul

Sketch n’ Tell is my professional name in which I take art off the wall and engage audiences from all walks of life with live art and creative story telling. This involves the use of a large art board, colourful pastel and a quick hand.

Sketch n' Tell is suitable for schools, childcare centres, hospitals, conferences, corporate events, festivals, prisons and a wide range of community groups.

As an artist I also engage in commissioned art, exhibitions, murals and the publishing of cards, prints and books.


I strive to take notice of all aspects of life encompassing the wonderful to the ordinary.  Art and storytelling is then the language I employ to interpret what I see and reflect on

and make connections with others.


Seeing is to have your breath taken away with the beautiful and wonder filled dimension of life, not only in the grand and majestic but also in the small and over looked.


Seeing is also to be moved by the dark side of life. Art seeks to embrace suffering, to empathise with the pain of others, to stand against the injustices in this world and reach out with compassion.


Seeing is to look at life differently. Creativity is to reflect deeply and look for underlying connections,  not to accept the status quo but be willing to go on 

a journey of enquiry and take risks.


Seeing is also to be open to the spiritual and sacred dimensions to life both within and out. Art explores and embraces the possibilities of faith hope and love in ones own life and others.

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